Products that are designed to provide the highest quality machinery for cutting efficiency.


Since 2001, RazorGage programmable saws, saw stops, pusher systems, optimizing saw systems and industrial saw accessories have set a new industry standard for accuracy, repeatability and dependability. Check out RazorGage’s products and see how they can enhance your processes and transform your operation.

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RazorGage programmable saw measuring systems are typically placed next to a cut-off saw, upcut saw, or chop saw, but they can be used with boring, drilling, haunching, notching and punching stations. From our most basic automatic positioner, the RazorGage XT series, to our hard-driving, machine tool grade RazorGage ST series, our positioning systems feature superior hardware components. A near zero-backlash planetary gearhead, a belt warranted for 5 years, a recirculating ball bearing carriage and a zero clearance drive pulley create a system that outperforms the competitors. RazorGage offers computerized saw positioners with either Android or Windows 10 Professional interfaces. Both platforms enable intuitive operation — most operators can figure out the saw optimization software with just a few minutes of practice. With advanced hardware and superior software, RazorGage systems are equipped to handle any job with ease. View one of our quality saw measuring systems.

Razorgage ST

Windows 10 Professional OS with a hi-resolution touchscreen on our superior positioner design. Use as a pusher or stop. Optional Optimizing software available.

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Razorgage ST-A

Android interface on our superior positioner design. Intuitive operation, fraction keys, infinite hotkeys. Send cutlists over WiFi or create on-screen.

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Razorgage XT

Android interface on our entry level positioner. Intuitive operation, fraction keys, infinite hotkeys. Create & Save thousands of cutlists.

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The RazorOptimal is a crayon-defecting and optimizing saw system available with RazorGage’s own Cyclone 600 Upcut saw or our rugged downcutting saw. The RazorGage Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw is at the heart of many RazorGage optimizing saw systems. This rugged saw is built to last and is designed for both power and precision. With virtually no tearout and increased safety features, this upcut saw outperforms the competition. The RazorOptimal offers secondary operations like pocket hole boring and face frame joint location marking. All RazorGage programmable saw systems include factory technician installation and training.  Discover a RazorGage optimizing industrial saw system perfect for your operation.

RazorOptimal Cyclone

The RazorOptimal is a programmable optimizing saw system designed to make your manufacturing process faster, more accurate and more efficient.

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RazorOptimal Pocket Hole

RazorGage produces both a standard RazorOptimal optimizing saw and an industrial pocket hole machine option.

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RazorGage Automatic Saw Systems are fast, powerful, easy-to-operate cutting systems that improve quality and productivity for cabinet manufacturing, commercial glass, door and window industries, crating and more. The APS Automatic Optimizing Upcut Saw System allows you to push “Go” and stand back. This programmable saw does the work and allows one person to both feed the saw and stack the finished parts with no interruption. The RazorGage AngleMaster is a semi-automatic miter saw fence system that automatically adjusts to cut your leading and trailing angle. Add on the Auto90 software for fully automated operation of 90 degree parts.


Razorgage Auto Pusher System

The RazorGage APS Automatic Optimizing Upcut Saw System is built around the powerful and highly accurate RazorGage ST Automatic Saw Measuring System and the durable, clean-cutting Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw.

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Razorgage AngleMaster

Looking for a saw that cuts angles? The RazorGage AngleMaster is a semi-automatic miter saw fence system that automatically adjusts to cut your leading and trailing angle.

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Razorgage Cyclone Saw

The Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw from RazorGage is one of the safest, most rugged and precise upcut saws on the market. This industrial upcut saw provides razor sharp cuts 20 inches wide with virtually no tearout

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