Woodworking Solutions

Founded in 1998

Woodworking Solutions in Oklahoma City was the first brick and mortar, industrial woodworking equipment distributor to lay down roots in Oklahoma.

Woodworking Solutions felt that customers in the region deserved more than an occasional visit from a distant machinery distributor. 

Being locally based in Oklahoma, provides our customers with the advantage of someone they can work with closely and build a mutual trust.  PARTNERSHIPS IN PRODUCTIVITY SOLUTIONS became our motto.  We wanted to be recognized by the trust our customers could place on us to always be looking out for their best interests. 

Our goal is to help woodworking companies achieve higher productivity, profits, improve yield and reduce labor.  We achieve this together by identifying processes that may be hindering your company's potential and recommend proven, technology solutions. We are unique in that we closely support the machines we sell with common wear parts, lubricants, tooling and abrasives for our customers. 

We welcome the opportunity to build a relationship and be your Partner.