Ott Edgebanders

Zero Glue Line Edgebanders by Ott

Your edgebander may very well be the most important piece of machinery in your facility.  Edgebanders are responsible for the overall appearance of your finished products and potential customers will immediately love and want your product whe they see the seamless joints and perfectly machined edges.

Work stations including the glue dosage are servo controlled and automatically adjust according to the program scanned or selected.  The reduction in setup time increases efficiency and profit.

It is our goal to find the perfect solution for every customer. The traditional carpenter as well as the furntiture industry need machines that deliver perfect results every day. We gladly discuss your requirements with you and tell you more about edgebanding and the perfect processing of PUR-glues with our CombiMelt glueing system.

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Ott Pacific Plus

The perfect solution for the carpenter. The Pacific+ offers everything that makes OTT machines so outstanding: Pacific+ is versatile and flexible and due to the machine length of under 6 meters also our smallest edgebander.

Ott Tornado Plus

Dependable, compact and versatile. Our Tornado+ - following the bestseller Tornado and Tornado Top - is in in high demand. The compact build and the flexibility of the machine make it the perfect solution for modern applications.

Ott FlexEdge

The latest addition to the range of OTT edgebanders, placed between Tornado+ and Storm+. About 7 meters of machine length offer various solutions and possibilities to meet your requirements.

Ott Storm Plus

Storm+ offers a new level of efficiency. Prepared for every job with different profiling options. As with every OTT machine we meld flexibility with efficiency.

Ott StrongEdge

The name says it all. Particularly strong: StrongEdge is perfectly suited for processing solid wood. Even with StrongEdge, you remain variable and can process everything from rolls to solid wood in consistent quality.

Ott TopEdge

With our TopEdge series, (almost) no wish remains unfulfilled: Different machine lengths, integration of special units, even two gluing parts or special gluing technology for door manufacturers.

Ott TransCompact

The compact return system solution from OTT. TransCompact can be combined with any new edge banding machine from OTT. 

Ott CombiMelt

The glueing system CombiMelt is the heart of every OTT edgebander and suitable for both processing of EVA and PUR glues. Especially with PUR glue the almost invisible glue joint is attainable.

Ott TransLift

TransLift is the perfect addition to your new OTT edge banding machine: The parts are returned back to the operator, if required they can be turned by the installed vacuum lifter by +/- 90° or 180°.

Ott TransEdge

Our TransEdge edging centres are available in different versions, as they are designed according to customer requirements. All TransEdge centres have one thing in common: optimal processing quality and solutions suitable for everyday use.