Ott CombiMelt

The glueing system CombiMelt is the heart of every OTT edgebander and suitable for both processing of EVA and PUR glues. Especially with PUR glue the almost invisible glue joint is attainable. After the complete reaction of the glue this joint is very durable and even resisten against humidity. All usual materials such as veneer, strip or coiled edges are processable.

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Product Info

The so-called Zero-Glue line can be attained by using a thin layer of glue that still builds a solid connection between panel and edge material. The glue line is nearly invisible and through the perfect processing of the following units the result is optimized. A necessary change between PUR white and transparent is easily and quickly done by using our Service Station: Both glue pot and application system of the glueing unit can be dedisengaged separately and can be preheated on the Service Station and are therefore quickly prepared for a change of glues. The Service Station is also the perfect addition for maintenance and cleaning works.

Already melted PUR glue can be stored in the dry box - supplied with pressured air - to stop or slow the reaction process of the glue and reduce waste and need cleaning less often. Through this the unit is faster available and the required amount of PUR glues is reduced: Two big advantages for your daily use!



Every Ott edgebander features the patented CombiMelt gluing system capable of running PUR and EVA glues. Glue dosage is adjusted automatically via the controller guaranteeing precision control of the glue dosage. When utilized with PUT glue, the glue can be applied so thin that it is invisible.  The glue pot drive system is mounted above the pot, eliminating seals in the bottom of the pot that will eventually lead and contaminate the universal joints and drive motor found in other edgebander brands.  Superior design and precision control make the CombiMelt system the best edgebander glue system on the market.

Health benefits of the invisible PUR glue line

PUR glue forms a chemical bond between the edgebanding and panel.  The PUR glue line won’t shrink and grow as EVA glues do, leaving voids to harbor viruses and encourage the growth of dangerous bacteria.  The health benefits of the invisible PUR glue line are clear and desirable when considering the current health crisis facing the world.  Health professionals, restaurants, and commercial locations desire and have been required to take additional precautions to safeguard the health of their customers.  The watertight PUR seal provides an excellent selling point for user that market the aesthetics, high quality bond, and health benefits of the CombiMelt PUR glue system.

The "Zero Glue Joint" is reached through application of the thinnest of layers of PUR glue that still provides a full coating over the complete surface. The glue joint is invisible and because of precise trimming and processing afterwards the finished work piece looks perfect.

Ninety percent of OTT Edgebanders since 2012 have been purchased with the PUR option. This can be attributed to the following factors.

  • Invisible glue line that dramatically improves the finished panel appearance.
  • Superior bond to EVA glue. PUR glue is the result of a chemical bond that is waterproof, thinner, and much stronger than an EVA glueline.
  • Decreased maintenance as a result of the PUR storage system. Used PUR glue can be preserved for days. There's no longer a need to thoroughly clean the pot and hopper after each use as in the early days of PUR glue. When it does become necessary to clean the Combimelt PUR glue pot, the cleaning process is accomplished with a liquid cleaning agent. Pour in the cleaning agent, heat the PUR glue pot up for 2hours, drain the cleaning agent and wipe out the glue pot with a cloth rag. The Combimelt gluepot is easier to maintain and clean the EVA glue pots.

A changeover of glues – especially between PUR white and PUR transparent– is made as easy as possible through using the OTT Service Station. Application head and glue pot(can be removed separately) can be preheated on the Service Station and are ready to use quickly. The mobile Service Station can be used for cleaning works as well.  Already pre-melted PUR glue can be preserved in the dry box, which is to be supplied with compressed air, for days! Because of this it is no longer needed to waste already melted glue as it was one in the earlier days of PUR-gluing .Daily cleaning of the PUR pot and hopper are no longer necessary. Today, you get the full value of PUR because both maintenance has been reduced to mere minutes and melted PUR can be preserved and reused easily.

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