Cameron Automation Products

A division of Taylor Mfg., Cameron builds machinery for automating ripping and chopping of solid wood
  • Development of High Tech Machinery
  • Efficient and Productive Mechanical Designs
  • Sophisticated and Powerful Software
  • Increased Raw Material Utilization
  • Industry Leading Customer Service by Highly Trained Technicians

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Cameron Skew Rip System

The Industry’s Best Value!! Designed for Small and Medium Shops looking for High Efficiency and Throughput

Cameron Quick Rip

The Industry’s only Fenceless Design for for the Medium and Large Shops looking for maximum yield and throughput

Cameron Opti-Rip

Utilize the Industry Leading Quick Rip Technology in a Large, full production lumber line

Cameron Rip One System

A Complete Lumber Scanning, Optimization, and Gang Ripping Work Cell designed for Medium and Small Shops

Cameron Rip Saws

Cameron Rip Saws are the best Value in the Industry. Heavy Construction Coupled with Cameron Software and Support create a very Industrial package for a Competitive Price

Cameron Quick-Chop

High Speed, Push Feed, Optimizing Chop System designed for the Rip First AND Chop First Factories