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Cameron Moving Blade Rip Saws

Cameron Rip Saws are available in (3) different setups: 1). 12″ wide arbor with (2) moving blades, 2). 18″ wide arbor with (3) moving blades, and 3). 24″ wide arbor with (4) Moving Blades. Fixed pockets are possible on all Cameron Saw models as well to maximize material yield and work cell efficiency.

Product Info

As Movable Blade Rip Saws have become the industry standard, Cameron Automation has continued to push the envelope with (3) Rip Saw Models that it partners with its Industry leading Cameron Infeeds:

Cameron Saw Models:

  1. #413A – 12″ Wide (2) Moving Blade, Multiple Fixed Blade Saw
  2. #413B – 18″ Wide (3) Moving Blade, Multiple Fixed Blade HD Rip Saw
  3. #413C – 24″ Wide (4) Moving Blade, Multiple Fixed Blade HD Rip Saw

With a Moving Blade Rip Saw, the potential cut patterns are exponentially increased from a fixed arbor or single blade saw. From the skinniest of boards where you can only cut 1 door stile or rail, to the widest boards where you can cut multiple parts, the number of patterns is endless. Because of the number of solutions the moving blades can create, there is no down time to set up the arbor. This makes the whole process of changing from job to job seamless and efficient. The servo driven blades are extremely accurate and fast, and coupled with the Cameron software, change sizes very quickly.


Basic Configuration
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