Cameron Opti-Rip System

Cameron Automation’s Largest Infeed, capable of running 10+ Boards per minute, for the High Production Lumber Mills and Large Woodworking Factories
Product Info

The Automated Opti-Rip rip saw optimization system is very adaptable to many material handling systems. Some of our systems are fed manually from a scissor lift of planed lumber. Some systems have a landing deck and are fed from the outfeed conveyor of a planer and some systems are fed by destackers and singulation machines.

  • Adaptable to many Material Handling Systems
  • (1) Operator Runs Whole Process from Bundle Dumper through to Rip Saw
  • Same Industry Leading Features of the Cameron Quick Rip for High Yield and Accuracy
  • Compatible with all 24″ & 40″ Fixed saws, and most Moving Arbor Saws on the Market
  • Cameron Saw Models:
    1. #413A – 12″ Wide (2) Moving Blade, Multiple Fixed Blade Saw
    2. #413B – 18″ Wide (3) Moving Blade, Multiple Fixed Blade HD Rip Saw
    3. #413C – 24″ Wide (4) Moving Blade, Multiple Fixed Blade HD Rip Saw


Basic Configuration
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