Ott TopEdge Edgebander

With our TopEdge series, (almost) no wish remains unfulfilled: Different machine lengths, integration of special units, even two gluing parts or special gluing technology for door manufacturers. TopEdge is the solution for your individual, often completely unique application. Our staff will be happy to discuss with you which equipment will meet your requirements. A bending centre is always just one step away, because with TransLift or TransEdge and possibly even the integration of a robot, you can produce highly efficiently and in a material-friendly manner. 

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Product Info

Technical data:

  • The TOP edge banding machine for every requirement
  • For fast processing of veneer, plastic and solid wood edges
  • For edge thicknesses from 0.2 to 20 mm and
    Panel thicknesses up to 60 mm or 80 mm
  • Machine length: 9200 mm (TopEdge S) and
     10.200 mm (TopEdge L)
  • With highly efficient Beckhoff industrial PC and 18.5" touch screen

Basic Configuration
  • Beckhoff Industrial PC with 18.5-inch color touch screen
  • Pre-milling unit
  • Automatic lubrication of feed chain
  • Nesting package – for standard milling units and AKF for processing of pre-drilled panels
  • Heated infeed guide
  • CombiMelt gluing system for EVA and PUR (optional: dual combimelt and pressure stations available for processing of white and clear PUR or EVA simultaneously)
  • SynchoFlex – driven top pressure belt system (synchronized with feed speed)
  • HF2 6.1 – heavy bundled milling unit: 2 x 1.9 kW HF motors, with HFF 70, 70 x 30 x 16, Z4
  • HFF 15.2 – Chamfering unit with 2 HF motors, + HFF 70, 70 x 30 x 16, Z4 for chamfering unit. Find plaster work, swiveling 0 – 45 degrees
  • HFR 06.2 – radius millint unite with 2 HF motors and tool AR 80, 80 x 20 x 16, Z4
  • PCD – diamond radius milling unit 72=3 x 13 x 16, Z4
  • Automatic strip edge magazine
  • Automatic coil magazine with guillotine
  • Roller magazine with automatic air pressure adjustment, pre-cut scissors and roller retraction
  • K17 – double trimming unit with 2 HM legends 0 º / 20 º on duo precision guide
  • Trimming consisting of 4 units:
    • Heavy rough trim
    • Fine trim ‘bevel’
    • Fine trim ‘radius’
    • AKF corner rounding and trimming unit
  • AZK 4 – Automatic profile scraper changer for up tp 4 profiles, includes high gloss function (allows for flush trimming of panels with protective film with the operator making manual copy wheel adjustments.)
  • Flat scraper with suction
  • Electrical-UL
Available Options

Available Options

  • Infeed slide pusher for panels
  • Coil magazine for 2 coils, automated
  • Automatic coil magazine for 8 coils, including variable supply for exchange edge and height adjustment, selection via program
  • Coil administration. With creation of bar code and identification via manual scan, in addition to M8+1
  • Trans Start – automated infeed aid, with driven transport system and automated feeding into edgebander
  • Package for processing of edges up to 25.. thickness – with support rollers and pressure rollers
  • Equipped for panel thickness mas. 80mm, including pre-milling tool for 80mm panel thickness (instead of standard tool)
  • Air cushion table with vacuum generator’ to be positioned at feed entrance (dimensions” 1800 x 600 mm)
  • DUO-CombiMelt is possible – machine can process PUT whited and transparent at same time, with 2 glueing systems and pressure zones.
  • Available in feed speed of 25m/min edition – Including corner rounding
  • Maximum panel thickness option of 80mm
  • Patented combination corner rounding unit with up to three profiles selectable via touch screen or barcode reader
  • Large automatic edge magazine with store capacity 400mm f. strip edges includes second pneumatic pressure bar and hold-down mechanism AS – 2 spray mist devices with antistatic agent, onto glue joint
  • Spray mist device onto edge surface for sensitive edge material
  • Quick change ser for HFR-trimming unit with tools
  • Set for narrow pieces, support rollers for processing of narrow parts, various positions over machine length

Optional solutions for spare space (installation of Model XS: 2 units / Model S: 3-4 units / Model L: 4-6 units are possible depending on requirement and order)

  •  Buffing unit with 2 motors 0.2kw each; with oscillating cloth wheels
  • Cleaning set with 4 spray mist devices and fine polishing unit for cleaning of surface
  • Sanding unit for sanding of edge surface, variable speed of belt, belt dimensions: 2030 x 140mm
  • Grooving unit for backside grooving, with 1 HF-Motor 2.7 kW, 7000-8000 rpm, shaft diameter 30mm
  • Universal grooving unit with motors 2.7 kW, 150 Hz, 8500 rpm, 30mm 0 shaft, 0 - goo tilt-able
  • Universal grooving unit with motors 10 kW, 400 Hz, 12000 rpm, 30mm 0 shaft, 0 - goo tilt-able
  • Structure brushing unit, top and bottom, for better surface quality. With 4 motors 0.2 kW each + brush wheels
  • Universal brushing unit, top and bottom, for better surface quality. With 4 motors 0.2 kW each + 8 brush wheels
Machine Length(XS) 8.6 meters (S) 9 meters (L) 10.3 meters
Infeed Speed12-25 meters/minute (corner rounding at 25 meters)
Edges Applied,2 to 20mm
Panel Length150mm
Panel Width60mm
Panel Thickness8-80mm
If you have questions, or would like more information, please fill out our contact form.