Timesavers 33 Series

The 33 Series machines are time-tested, with a workhorse design for maximum performance, with a competitive price to deliver outstanding value. Every craftsman has different needs, so each machine is configured around your application & situation. Through years of customer feedback and experience, the 33 Series has evolved into a feature-packed industry benchmark for excellence. The 33 Series is built for long life, outstanding performance, and versatility to increase production and improve your bottom line.

Product Info

The 33 Series is a dependable machine that can be outfitted with up to 5 heads, each designed to give the user their desired finish. These machines are designed to impact a wide range of woodworking applications and situations, such as sanding, planing, orbital, & veneer sanding.

The 33 Series can also be used for a variety of other non-metal products such as rubber, foam, fiber-glass, mineral core, composites, and more.

  • Top & bottom configurations for a 1-pass solution
  • High production, 24/7 workhorse
Basic Configuration
  • Number of heads: 1-5
  • Machine widths: 25″, 37”, 52”, 64”
  • Head types: Widebelt, Combination, Knife, Combi Segmented, Single & Twin Pad Orbital, Barrel Brush, Chevron Cross-belt, Rotary Brush, Cup Brush, Chevron Widebelt
  • 75” or 103” abrasive belt length
  • Up to 75 HP main motors
  • 15-60 fpm throughput
  • 0-6” bed opening
  • Top & bottom configurations available
  • Timesavers Simple Touch HMI/PLC Interface
  • Motorized lift
  • Product status LED light bar
  • Optional productivity reporting
    • Daily productivity reporting
    • Abrasive belt wear tracking
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