The Swing Style Clamp Carrier is designed for the small and medium shop. Our simple design is easy to use and has the power to handle the big jobs

Taylor #80U Swing Style Clamp Carrier

Designed for the Small and Medium Shops who produce up to 250 – 300 Panels per Day

Product Info

The #80U Swing Style Clamp Carrier is a reliable and versatile clamping machine. This rugged, heavy duty design will handle any job in your custom shop.


  • Push Button Flattening
  • Push Button Tightening & Loosening
  • Joystick’ Power Rotation with an Air Motor Drive
  • Heavy Duty Frame with Steel Base
  • Frame Widths Ranging in Size from 8.5 Ft – 16.5 Ft Wide
  • Taylor Clamp Arms with a range in size from 32″ – 44″
    • 2-1/2″ (65mm) & 3-1/2” (90mm) High Clamp Jaws
    • Up to 6” (150mm) Thick Gluing with Optional Rocker Plate Jaw Extensions

(Additional Details and Info Below)

Taylor Clamp Carriers are expandable and upgradeable. The number of sections can be increased at anytime to allow for more clamp time and cure time. When higher production is needed, the tightener & flattener system can be switched out and upgraded to a more automated and productive front end at any time. The clamp carrier frame and the clamp arms can all be reused, keeping the cost of the project lower.



The Swing Style Clamp Tightener is the most economical system. The push button controls provide easy and rapid tightening and loosening of the clamps. The carriages ride on an overhead beam. Clamp pressure is fully adjustable up to 3,000 lbs. per clamp. Engagement is smooth and easy. The Flattener operation is also push button and pressures are adjustable. The two units are moved to the left or right side of the machine when rotating to the next row of clamps. The front rest is manual and the rotation is pneumatic.
(This system is only available in a pneumatic version.)

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