Save Glue, Save Labor, and Increase Productivity

Taylor #138B Plate Spreader

The Plate Spreader is ideal for use with small to medium (6 section to 20 section) sized Clamp Carriers

Product Info


  • Simple Operation
  • Perforated Aluminum 8″ x 48″ Grid
  • Foot pedal Actuated bed will drop the Glue Pan away to expose the Grid
    • Honeycomb Pattern Grid applies the correct amount of Glue to the Boards
  • Simple Operation
  • No Nightly Clean Up
  • Consistent & Accurate Application
  • Complete Mechanical Operation
  • Additional Sizes Available
    • 8″ x 60″
    • 8″ x 72″
    • 8″ x 96″


Machine Footprint: 49”L x 36”H x 13”W


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