Striebig Edition 60

EDITION 60 - has the panel under control

60 years ago, Striebig AG started the industrial production of their STRIEBIG vertical panel saws. For the anniversary, we have developed the STRIEBIG EDITION 60 for you.

The integrated panel lowering device allows the ergonomic and smooth cutting of panels by one person only. The comprehensive standard equipment and the proverbial STRIEBIG accuracy guarantee short processing times and a safe, hand-guided workflow.

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Product Info

Highlights of the STRIEBIG EDITION 60

Function and technology optimally combined

1-person operation and smooth finished cut thanks to panel lowering device. There is no need to turn the panel and the cut strips can be directly divided vertically.

Strong and compact panel lowering device (PAV)

The integrated panel lowering device of the EDITION 60 comprises two panel lowering units. It can be used for panel materials up to 3000 × 2150 mm and up to 160 kg (80 kg/PA unit).

With an additional panel lowering unit (optional), panels up to 5000x2150mm and weight up to 240kg (80kg/PA unit) can be processed.

Extensive equipment package

The comprehensive equipment package of the EDITION 60 ensures efficient cutting.

  • Wooden support wall TRK1 with integrated small parts support made of wood
  • Panel lowering device (PAV) with two panel lowering units
  • Pneumatic clamping of the motor carriage
  • Pneumatically braked support rollers
  • Digital measuring system DMS-Y, incl. fine adjustment
  • Digital measuring system DMS-X, incl. fine adjustment
  • Laser-supported display of the horizontal cut

Clear push-button bottom control panel for easy operation

The EDITION 60 is operated by means of a clear push-button control. The panel lowering device can be moved quickly and precisely by means of 2-hand control.
The LED lights on the panel lowering units guide the operator safely through the sawing process.

Standard Equipment

Comprehensive standard equipment

Saw frame

  • Self-supporting, torsion-resistant, welded frame with framework bracing on four solid machine feet
  • Automatically yielding wooden support wall TRK1 with integrated small parts support made of wood
  • Panel lowering device (PAV) with 2 panel lowering units, for panel materials with a maximum weight of 160kg (per PA unit 80kg)
  • Length stop profile above centre support to cut point zero
  • Continuous length stop profile, above roller support with longitudinal stop
  • Precise 17-fold roller support, pneumatically braked
  • Swivelling centre support over the entire length, aluminium support grid with plastic supports
  • Device for wall assembly
  • Aluminium small parts support (1 pair), individually usable

Saw beam and saw unit

  • Stable, durable saw bar with double locking mechanism
  • Robustly mounted motor carriage for high cutting precision
  • Pneumatic clamping of the motor carriage
  • Powerful, high-torque saw motor 5.5 kW (7.5 HP)
  • Integrated, powerful TRK dust extraction for external extraction system
  • Supersilent sound insulation
  • Electromagnetic motor brake
  • Document holder


  • Clear push-button control for easy operation
  • Positioning of the panel lowering device with 2 hand control
  • Operator guidance by status lights indication on the panel lowering units
  • Operating hours counter


  • Program cam set for recurring mass
  • Laser-supported horizontal cut
  • Digital measuring system DMS-Y, incl. motorised fine adjustment
  • Digital measuring system DMS-X, incl. manual fine adjustment,
    assembly selectable, above centre support or roller support
Options and Accessories

STRIEBIG OptiDivide cutting optimisation

The retrofittable version

OptiDivide ensures a higher degree of automation in panel cutting. The system works independently of the machine control. It can be retrofitted to many STRIEBIG models.

The scope of supply includes:

  • Compact aluminium housing with integrated 12" touch screen panel
  • Label printer (installed and protected in the housing, operated by means of a drawer)
  • Network connection via wireless network
  • Software package STRIEBIG cutting optimisation, incl. 1 network licence for office workstation
  • Power cable
  • Mounting adapter for the corresponding Striebig model
  • Operating instructions

Additional panel lowering unit

3rd PA unit down to centre support

For panels up to 5000 × 2150 mm and weights up to 240 kg (80 kg/PA unit).

Factory-installed option – cannot be retrofitted.

Additional digital measuring system

DMS-X (horizontal axis for vertical cuts)

Additionally for more flexibility. Factory-installed - located above centre support or above roller support.

Scoring saw unit


Saving time, costs and tools: The scoring saw unit provides even better cutting quality for coated panels.

Angle cutting unit


The STRIEBIG angle cutting device ensures the set dimension is maintained accurately in all angle settings.

Small workpiece support, aluminium

(2 elements)

Secure support for small workpieces in the area of the central support.

Grooving accessory for composite panels and adjustable grooving tools


Routing of wood materials and composite panels on the EVOLUTION is easy with the appropriate additional equipment.

Ex works option – cannot be retrofitted.

Reversible carbide tip profile cutter for composite panels


The STRIEBIG carbide profile cutters are available in three versions, U-shaped, 90° and 135°. They are specially designed for use on STRIEBIG panel saws and deliver optimum results when grooving composite panels.

Reversible carbide tips for adjustable grooving tools for grooving work


The original STRIEBIG adjustable grooving tool (8 – 15 mm groove width) enables maximum efficiency of operation with short retooling times.

Pro Lock Easy-Fix

Tool clamping system

Saw blade quick change system with easy handling.

Two-speed saw motor

4 kW (incl. Pro Lock Easy-Fix)

Lower cutting speeds are required when working with some materials. A two-speed saw motor can be installed for this purpose.

Ex works option – cannot be retrofitted.

Set for free-standing assembly

Set with free-standing supports for floor mounting.


Cutting height limit of Y-axis

The cutting height in the Y-axis can be reduced, e.g. if the room height is limited. A precise clarification on site by your STRIEBIG sales partner is necessary for this.

Ex works option – cannot be retrofitted.

Special voltage

The saw motors and controls can be designed for country-specific operating voltages.

Ex works option – cannot be retrofitted.

Tropical insulation

For tropical areas the saw motor can be supplied with special insulation for higher humidity and against damage from termites.

Ex works option – cannot be retrofitted.

The original in vertical sawing technology

STRIEBIG – the original in vertical sawing technology. Invented by our company founder and pioneer Ludwig Striebig, it is the ideal combination of precision and economy. In many fields of application, STRIEBIG panel saws are the only possible cost-effective and space-saving solution for panel cutting.

More than


STRIEBIG vertical panel saws produced

Average of


operating hours per STRIEBIG life cycle

Cutting capacity of more than


sawn parts per STRIEBIG life cycle

STRIEBIG panel saws: maximum quality and durability

The saw frame

Self-supporting, welded and rigid, the saw frame of the STRIEBIG panel saw guarantees you many years of cutting precision and a high-level of investment security.

The saw beam

Its steel construction is particularly stable and durable. The twin interlocking mechanism ensures perfect angle accuracy and cutting precision for many, many saw cuts.

The sawing device

The sawing device of the STRIEBIG saw is robustly mounted and always runs with a strong drive. A backlash-free and smooth-running guide ensures easy and precise


Minimum space requirement

In contrast to a horizontal panel-sizing saw, the vertical STRIEBIG panel saw only requires about half the space. The area of a STRIEBIG including space in front of the machine for handling and feeding the panels is approximately 24 m2. A horizontal panel saw with a cutting range of 3300x3300 mm requires about 60 m including space for handling and feeding the panels2. If you also consider the advantage that panels up to 5300 mm in length can already be processed on a STRIEBIG in standard size, the vertical sawing technology shows its “space advantage” even more clearly.

Optimal value for money

Compared to other vertical panel saws, STRIEBIG saws already offer many accessories in the basic equipment. From the simple, hand-guided STRIEBIG to the high-end sawing centre with continuous data flow in production, the variety of vertical cutting technology is convincing in the various application areas of wood, plastic and composite panel processing. Low space requirement costs, low maintenance and service costs, as well as a high value retention of the investment further contribute to the optimal value for money of STRIEBIG panel saws.

Convincing customer satisfaction

Thanks to our decades-long leading market position, we have been able to continuously expand our customer base and enjoy above-average customer satisfaction. In cooperation with users and specialist trade partners, we are constantly further developing our machines. Thus our customers continuously benefit from more advantages of vertical sawing technology.


Produced in-house, Swiss-made in Lucerne

With enthusiasm and passion, the team at Striebig AG develops and produces the Swiss-made vertical panel saws at the production plant in Lucerne. We always keep an eye on the overall economic and ecological context of our activities. Our entire company is certified for its management systems in the areas of quality, environment, occupational health and safety and health protection.



Weight of the sawca 1.300 kg
Cutting depth80 mm
Saw motor power5,5 kW (7,5 HP)
Saw blade diameter300 mm
Saw blade bore30 mm *1
Emission sound pressure level at the workplace LpA83 dB *2
Saw blade speed4800 U/min 
Panel lowering device (PAV)2 PA units
(opt. 3rd PA unit)
Max. panel weight per PA unit80 kg
Max. panel thickness in clamping unit60 mm
Feed rate of PAV under load5 m/min
Feed rate of PAV without load10 m/min
1 extraction connectionø 140 mm
Compressed air connection6-10 bar
Wattage7,5 kW
Mains connection3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

*1 with two side bores ∅ 9 mm, radius 30 mm
*2 Measurement standards and emission values according to EN 1870-14, measurement uncertainty allowance K = 4 dB (A). 
(All data refer to EDITION 60 Type 6224.)

For all machines:
Powerful TRK dust extraction significantly below 2 mg/m3. The system used must have an extraction performance of 20 m/s in order to meet the TRK specifications. (Vacuum approx. 1400 Pa. / COMPACT approx. 1470 Pa) at the connector in order to meet the TRK specifications.

Technical note:
Permissible ambient temperature min: + 5 °C / max. + 40 °Celsius 
Relative humidity: 19 - 95% without condensation
In case of mains fluctuations greater than +/- 10% of the nominal voltage, a voltage stabiliser must be installed at the place of use.

The technical specifications are approximate values.
We reserve the right to make changes due to further developments.


Dimentions in mm 

* L = Total length of the machine incl. control cabinet

Cutting range in mm 
with 2 PA units
with 3 PA units500021502100