The HSK Servo is our most innovative and advanced machine PMK has ever built. This is the coping machine our customers asked us to build. It meets their production needs and has the versatility they require.

PMK C-1203 HSK Servo

Controlled by PLC  and Monitor

Basic Configuration
  • The HSK/SERVO Machine is our most advanced and innovative coping and end-matching machine manufactured by PMK. THE HSK-SERVO IS RELIABLE, HEAVY DUTY, TESTED & PROVEN. A PMK patented design provides chip-free coping or end-matching of squares or profiled parts without the need of a back-up piece or chip-breaker. Powered by 2 (two) 7.5 hp motors and direct drive spindles rotating from 6,000 to 9,000 rpm (variable speed) controlled with PLC & monitor. The C-1203 has a small foot print. Features include THK style rails for guidance of carriage stroke and a hold-down clamp. The side pressure clamp ensures proper alignment with fence. The servo drives allow you to raise & lower the spindles and move the back fence in and out for the proper depth of cut. The Machine features and specifications are detailed on the attached page.

  • 2 (two) 7.5 hp motors – 230/460 volts (please specify your voltage).

  • direct drive spindles

  • Up to 200 pre-programmable setting for proper configuration of the tooling and back fence.

  • Servo drives on both spindles allow for proper location to tooling (Maximum 4.5-inch movement up and down of spindle).

  • Servo drive to adjust back fence (2-inch movement in & out for proper location for different tooling dia).

  • PLC Micro Processor

  • Touch Screen Monitor

  • This machine allows you to stack tooling.

  • THK style rails for guidance of carriage stroke.

  • Side pressure clamp insures proper alignment with fence.

  • Cycle time adjustable from 5 to 10 seconds.

  • C-1203 PLC/ HSK meets UL & CSA Electrical Standards.

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