Align and Clamp Hundreds of Frames a day on a Tried & True Piece of Machinery

JLT #720A (#78G)- Face Frame Table

JLT’s Heavy Duty, Sturdy, and Well Built Face Frame Table 

Product Info


  • (2) Sizes Available:
    • 5′ x 8′
    • 5′ x 12′
  • The base model has a 5’ x 8’ layup surface; 25% more area than the typical 4’x8’ face frame table.
    • It has an open end to handle oversized face frame assemblies
  • The longer 5’ x 12’ model provides a solution for oversized face frame assemblies or can provide an efficient workstation for two operators
    • Extra clamping arms can be purchased separately to make layup easier
  • Newly designed welded main frame and backing sheets prevent warping. Makes for the best face frame layup surface
  • New Melamine wrapped backed surface will hold up to daily use, resist PLA glue adhesion, and provides a smooth layup surface. Easily replaced if damaged
  • Innovative Vertical Pressure Arm with ball bearing roller assemblies provide smooth movement on the clamping arm
    • Master Switch, a single pneumatic lever action allows the operator to toggle all (5) clamping pistons from one control. Individual levers are still reserved if necessary
    • The clamping pistons (air cylinders) are completely adjustable. They easily slide into position and lock in place with a twist handle


Machine Footprint: 148″L x 70″H x 48″W


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