JLT Buddy System

JLT Clamps is the world leader in door and panel clamping machinery for small and large custom woodworking shop.

Whether you are a cabinet maker, carpenter, or run engineered millwork, JLT can provide the stock or custom clamp system to make your job easier, improve your quality, and increase your productivity while cutting costs.
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JLT 718A-M Miter Door Clamp

Featuring our (2) Most Popular JLT Machines: JLT Stile & Rail Door Clamp & an 8′ Wide JLT Panel Clamp

JLT 718A-8 8' Buddy System

Includes (2) of our Most Popular Clamping Systems for the Custom Cabinetmaker: The JLT Miter Door Clamp & the 8′ Wide Panel Clamp

JLT 718A-12-DDC 12' Big Buddy System

JLT’s Largest Combo Clamp: 8′ Double Door Clamp & a 12′ Wide Panel Clamp

JLT 160B Stile Spreader

The Door Stile spreader compliments the JLT Door Clamp for providing a quick simple method of applying glue to cabinet door stiles