AT-Race 4x12 Face Frame Assembly Table

The AT Race 4' x 12' Open-Back Face Frame Assembly Table features clamping arms that glide smoothly on an open beam.  This allows assembly of larger face frames or other components with parts that extend beyond the top of the table. The redesigned quick-clamps feature place-and-stay movement – no need to lock them into place – and centered activation for easy clamping from either direction. The rigid steel arms, constructed out of Unistrut, will stand up to years of use, while the open back table gives you more work area and can handle oversize frames without taking up valuable shop space. 

Create a two-person work cell with the AT Race 4’ x 12’ - it includes both left- and right-side fences. This assembly table is an essential addition to your inventory of professional woodworking production tools.

Product Info

Features and Benefits include:

  • Professional woodworking assembly table
  • Open back design:
    • Accepts oversized frames and other large assemblies
    • Maximizes work area
  • Dual Unistrut clamping arms with three adjustable air cylinders that hold work firmly for easy assembly and minimal sanding
  • 45 Degree, 1" laminated top for easy glue clean-up and less operator fatigue than horizontal clamping tables
  • Built-in driver holster keeps driver within easy reach for increased convenience and efficiency (driver sold separately)
  • Convenient integrated connection port for air-powered driver adjacent to driver holster
  • Left- and right-side fences allow two-person operation
  • Rigid and lightweight for easier handling and positioning

Technical Specifications:

  • Unistrut rigid steel arms with redesigned quick-clamps
  • Driver sold separately
  • Assembly required
  • Footprint: 165"x43"x83"
  • Manufactured in the USA

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