110 Pocket Cutter

Create Castle low-angle, professional pockets in seconds with the Castle 110 Pocket Cutter. The 110 cuts our exclusive low-angle pocket, makes fast, strong, and attractive joints for cabinets, bookcases, face frames and other woodworking projects, and minimizes the joint misalignment common with a drilled pocket. Since the screw's pilot hole is drilled from the opposite side, there is no accumulation of waste or tear out, allowing joined pieces to fit as tightly as possible. 

Product Info


  • 3 Degree Pocket minimizes joint shift (learn more here)
  • Stronger joints and faster assembly
  • Portable and adjustable, 120V 
  • Clean pockets are cut by a router, not by a drill
  • Factory assembled and adjusted. No additional setup required.
  • Designed and assembled in the USA from US and global components.
  • The Castle 110 is our update to the Castle 100, which is no longer in production.  



  • Smooth Router Bit for chip free pockets in Melamine, Plywood, Softwoods, and Hardwoods. (Reverse-Helix geometry (Down-Cut)) [Part B02516


Easy to adjust clamp height 

Dust Extraction Port (hose not included)

Easy to align and cut perfect pockets every time

Additional Info

Also available:

Castle 110 Pocket Cutter Professional Bundle

The Professional Bundle includes the Base Model along with the following:

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