Selexx Series

The Anderson Selexx series offers the best price and quality ratio of any cost efficient CNC router on the market today. The Selexx has been developed specifically to satisfy the client demanding the utmost in technical quality and reliability in a CNC Machining Centre within a cost effective investment. Available in 4x8, 5x10, 5x12 tables and can be equipped with an optional infeed and offload system.

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Product Info

The Selexx is fully equipped with the highest quality control components from Fanuc.  Moving gantry (stationary table) type machine equipped with 1 (one) 12 HP 4-pole air-cooled router spindle, with grease lubricated ceramic bearings, an 8-Position Automatic Tool Changing System, with tool length touch probe, and 1 (one) 2 HP, multiple spindle boring unit with 9 independently selectable spindles for vertical boring. The spindle motor is powered by an electronic AC inverter drive system with dynamic spindle braking.  Full Torque is achieved at 9,000 RPM & Full HP is achieved at 12,000 RPM. The Automatic Tool Changer Carousel, with Steel Tool Holder Clips, is mounted on the spindle carriage, next to the Router Spindle, for fast and efficient tool changes. 

The bridge & vertical supports are a monolithic one-piece construction for maximum stiffness and accuracy.  X & Y axes are constructed of massive, heavy duty welded steel construction with multiple reinforcements to increase strength and absorb vibration. Z-axis spindle carriage is a specially designed Meehanite casting for high strength and inherent vibration dampening characteristics with a pneumatic counterbalance system for smooth and accurate operation.

Hardened and precision linear guide way systems with recirculating roller linear bearings are provided for all primary movements in the X, Y & Z axes. Hardened and precision ball screws with anti-backlash ball nuts are provided for all primary movements of the Y & Z axis.  The X-Axis is a dual drive, dual support, 2-channel system, using twin industrial grade, induction hardened, helical racks & pinions.

The vacuum table is made of torsion resistant cast steel, covered with a 30mm thick phenolic grid table top for the quick and easy mounting of work pieces via pods, clamps, spoil-boards, or holding fixtures.  EIGHT (8) pneumatically controlled Pop-up pins, are included for Nested Based Manufacturing or individual part location. 

The table is configured with three vacuum zones, which are m-code controlled.  The vacuum zones are equipped with an electronic safety barrier & low vacuum sensor. This table & pump combination allows a wide range of flexibility in holding large & small work pieces. State-of-the-art closed loop FANUC AC digital servo motors are utilized on X, Y & Z axis.

Automatic oil lubrication is utilized for X & Y Axis guide ways & ball screws.  Centrally located grease fittings are utilized for end bearings and profiled linear guide ways. All guides are protected from dust and other contaminates by double sealed wipers. The operator control panel has a Handheld Pendant with separate Feed Rate & Rapid Rate Override.  A dust collection hood with automatic damper system is provided for the router spindle. 

The Electronics are placed into a specially designed, covered, and sealed electronics drawer that is conveniently located underneath the machine base during operation.  This space saving design eliminates many of the wires that would otherwise be stretched across your floor.

Why you should consider Anderson the #1 choice

  • 1000 CNC Machines manufactured per year
  • World’s Leader in PCB Manufacturing CNC Machines
  • Over 4500 CNC machines installed in North America
  • Reputation for reliability---2 Year Warranty
  • All inclusive pricing includes freight, tool holders, chuck-nuts, collets, vacuum, training & installation
  • Local service in most areas
  • Lifetime Phone Support
  • Lifetime Remote Online Diagnostics Support
  • Standard with Fanuc Controller, Drives, and Servos
  • Benefits of FANUC
  • Standard control for CNC industry Up to 30,000 controls manufactured per month
  • Economies of Scale in Manufacturing Up to 200,000 servos manufactured per month
  • Cutting Edge technology Provider Up to 2500 robots manufactured per month
  • 194 Parts & Service Centers Worldwide with 34 Parts & Service Centers in the US
  • 25 Year Parts Availability Guarantee
  • 600 Engineers in Research & Development
  • Over 700,000 Model 0i controllers installed worldwide
  • Over $5 Billion in annual sales
  • Average Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 27 years
  • 2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Available Extended FANUC Warranty for years 3 thru 10
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No. of vacuum zones234234
Table Size98.4" x 49"
[2500 x 1250 mm]
122" x 61"
[3100 x 1550 mm]
147" x 61"
[3750 x 1550 mm]
98.4" x 49"
[2500 x 1250 mm]
122" x 61"
[3100 x 1550 mm]
147" x 61"
[3750 x 1550 mm]
X-Axis Stroke103.5" [2630 mm]125" [3180 mm]152" [3880mm]103.5" [2630 mm]125" [3180 mm]152" [3880mm]
Y-Axis Stroke67.7" [1720 mm]72" [1835 mm]72" [1835 mm]67.7" [1720 mm]72" [1835 mm]72" [1835 mm]
Z-Axis Stroke9.84" [250 mm]9.84" [250 mm]9.84" [250 mm]9.84" [250 mm]9.84" [250 mm]9.84" [250 mm]
Rapid Travel Speed in X3,149"/min [80 m/min]3,149"/min [80 m/min]3,149"/min [80 m/min]3,149"/min [80 m/min]3,149"/min [80 m/min]3,149"/min [80 m/min]
Rapid Travel Speed in Y2,362"/min [60 m/min]2,362"/min [60 m/min]2,362"/min [60 m/min]2,362"/min [60 m/min]2,362"/min [60 m/min]2,362"/min [60 m/min]
Rapid Travel Speed in Z787"/min [20 m/min]787"/min [20 m/min]787"/min [20 m/min]787"/min [20 m/min]787"/min [20 m/min]787"/min [20 m/min]
Spindle Power7.5 kw x 1 (10hp)7.5 kw x 1 (10hp)7.5 kw x1 (10 hp)7.5 kw x 1 (10hp)7.5 kw x 1 (10hp)7.5 kw x 1 (10hp)
Spindle RPM1.000~24.000 rpm1.000~24.000 rpm1.000~24.000 rpm1.000~24.000 rpm1.000~24.000 rpm1.000~24.000 rpm
Spindle TaperHSK63F air cooledHSK63F air cooledHSK63F air cooledHSK63F air cooledHSK63F air cooledHSK63F air cooled
Ride along Tool Changer8 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 10
Boring Blockoptionaloptionaloptional5+5 or 10+75+5 or 10+75+5 or 10+7
Vacuum Pump10/25/40 HP10/25/40 HP10/25/40 HP10/25/40 HP10/25/40 HP10/25/40 HP
Drill Rotation Speedoptionaloptionaloptional4.800 rpm4.800 rpm4.800 rpm
Floor area of machine167.8" x 142.7"
[4262 x 3,624 mm]
186.5" x 154.7"
[4737 x 3929 mm]
212" x 154.7"
[5,384 x 3929 mm]
167.8" x 142.7"
[4262 x 3,624 mm]
186.5" x 154.7"
[4737 x 3929 mm]
212" x 154.7"
[5,384 x 3929 mm]
Height of machine106.3" [2,700 mm]106.3" [2,700 mm]106.3" [2,700 mm]106.3" [2,700 mm]106.3" [2,700 mm]106.3" [2,700 mm]
Weight of machine7,055 lbs. [3200 Kg]9,000 lbs. [4,100 Kg]11,000 lbs. [5,000 Kg]7,055 lbs. [3200 Kg]9,000 lbs. [4,100 Kg]11,000 lbs. [5,000 Kg]