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  Striebig Vertical Panel Saws
Striebig Compact

Entry level to quality and precision – 2 versions for every need

COMPACT or COMPACT AV, manual sawing or with automatic feed

The saw beam

Guarantees angular accuracy and robustness. The saw beam’s steel construction is particularly stable and durable. Its twin interlocking feature provides perfect angular accuracy.

The saw unit

Robust mounting, powerful drive. The motor: high-performance and powerful, 3.9 kW (5.3 hp).

The saw frame

Precision thanks to stability. The upper guide rail, central support and roller support are 100% parallel to each other. This ensures long-term cutting precision and an excellent degree of protection for your investment.

Striebig Standard

Experience, ability, precision

Tried-and-tested over decades, it can almost be considered the Volkswagen Beetle of the vertical panel saw sector: the STANDARD.

Universal class for all fields of application

We supply the STANDARD in two different versions: the TRK1 with a laminar support wall made of birch plywood and the TRK2 with automatically yielding aluminium support frame with plastic supports.

Durability and stability for decades of sizing cuts

Self-supporting, rigidly-welded and equipped with hardened guides – these have always been the distinguishing features of the STANDARD's saw frame.

This frame, the heart of every Striebig panel saw, has been continually improved over the years.

Absolute parallelism between the upper guide rail, the central support and the roller support ensure precise cutting over many, many years.

Striebig Standard S

The legend lives on, the name is a pledge

The STANDARD S adds another chapter to the STRIEBIG success story.

Versatility meets pedigree

With the STANDARD S, we are adding a new dimension to the benefits for hand-guided sawing.

Two versions, a Comfort package with advanced basic equipment and more than 20 additional options and accessories raise the STANDARD S to a different level

Precision thanks to stability

Self-supporting, welded and rigid, the saw frame is the heart of every Striebig panel saw.

The upper guide rail, central support and roller support are 100% parallel to each other. This ensures long-term cutting precision and an excellent degree of protection for your investment.

Robust mounting, powerful drive

The motor:
high-performance and powerful, 5.5 kW (7.5 hp).

The guide:
zero-play and free-moving. In conjunction with the robust mounting of the motor carriage, it ensures effort-free and precise operation.

80 mm cutting depth as standard.

Striebig Evolution


Intelligence meets ergonomics

Always a good decision

An EVOLUTION embodies excellent value by its appearance.
The award-winning product design stands out from the usual monotony of woodworking machines. The ergonomics are suitable to both functions and operator.

Touch and work

"touch & saw" – this revolutionary concept allows you to operate the saw safely and with ease.

A finger tip suffices to control the EVOLUTION. The 7.5" colour display visualises all the functions.

4SB – the bottom trimming cut is child’s play

The 4SB option for the bottom trimming cut facilitates work significantly.

The panels are held securely by vacuum suction cups and strenuous, physical work is eliminated. Panels up to a length 5,300 mm and a height of 2,185 mm are automatically trimmed at the bottom using the 4SB system.

Striebig Control

Cutting technology meets the future

The Striebig CONTROL defines the premium class for vertical sawing technology.
With a high degree of sawing procedure automation and additional equipment options. But above all with unique “touch & saw” operation via the cutting-edge PLC control with touchscreen panel.

Intelligence meets ergonomics

A tap of a finger suffices to control the CONTROL.

The 12" colour display visualises all the functions.

ABO – Top trimming/EPS.y

Thanks to the EPS.y supplied as standard position the saw unit automatically for the horizontal saw cut. The ABO supplied as standard ensures the automated top trimming cut.

Functionality meets comfort

The entire cutting on the CONTROL is fully-automatic.

No more manual operation. The automatic saw beam locking ensures faster and easier work.

Striebig 4D

The trilogy of efficient sawing

With the fully-automatic panel lowering device PAV, the programmable panel feeder PPS and the panel optimisation programme POP, the 4D boasts unique equipment options.

PAV – the fully-automatic panel lowering device

The fully-automatic panel lowering device PAV ensures vertical transport of the workpiece through the saw.

The PAV clamps are coated and designed for sensitive surfaces.

The clamps on each lowering device hold panels up to a weight of 130 kg.

PPS – the fully-automatic, programmable panel feeder

The fully-automatic, programmable panel feeder (PPS unit) ensures the horizontal transport of the workpiece.

The panel rests securely on the roller support. The PPS unit grips the panel with its special clamp and positions it with a precision of 0.1 mm. Done.

POP – the panel optimisation programme

The 4D is the first vertical saw to offer intelligent cut optimisation as an option. POP (panel optimisation programme) is completely integrated in the saw's control system.

It facilitates an automatic cutting sequence, optimum sawing procedure and the best possible material utilisation. We will consult you about the interfaces to your PPS system.

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