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  Model 390 Shaper
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The Model 390 Automatic Shaper is a new concept in shapers. This new shaper is conveyor fed, making it ideal for shaping small parts which could not be fed with a conventional power feeder. This 7 1/2 HP inverter controlled variable speed shaper can shape pre-arched panels automatically. Using a template, it can also hog out arched panels. Horizontal and vertical shaper adjustments with digital position indicators and the 5 position fence make profile changeovers extremely quick and simple. The 390 features tried and proven technology from Larick's 410 Shaper/Sander - the 6 inch wide conveyor with staggered hold down tires, floating head shaper, and 5 position chipbreaker fence.

This versatile shaper with its fast and easy changeover makes it ideal for the shop with a large inventory of profiles.

Spaper Motor:  7.5hp 208-230v 3ph
 Shaper Speed:  650 to 7000 rpm
 Spindle Size:  1 1/4"
 Feed Speed:  Variable to 30 fpm
 Conveyor:  6" wide
 Max. Part Thickness:  2"
 Floor Space:  55"w X 38"d
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