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Kleiberit PUR Edgebanding Adhesive Cartridges 707.9, Natural (6 Cartridges Per Box) (KA-PUR-707.9)
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(6 Cartridges)


Field of application:

Edge banding of panels with:

• ABS, PMMA, PVC and PP edges (with suitable adhesion promoter)

• CPL and HPL edges

• Paper edges

• Veneer and solid wood edges


• The substrates should be freshly cut at right angles and should be free from dust. • Boards and edge material have to be acclimatized to room temperature. Maintain room temperature of at least 18°C, avoid draughts.

• During work pauses reduce the temperature to 100°C. Temperature control is of utmost importance when bonding HPL and solid wood edges.

• Long and thick work pieces need to be processed in the upper temperature range. • Low temperatures reduce the wetting of the edges.

• Application quantity and pressure have to be adjusted in such a way that when the application glue lines are pressed, a closed glue film is formed and the adhesive slightly pearls out on the margins. This can be easily checked by using a transparent test edge.


Reactive polyurethane hotmelts have a slightly lower initial strength compared to usual EVA hotmelts. Therefore consider the following:

 • Use only recently sawed solid wood edges with good fit. Curved or twisted edges are unsuitable. • Work precisely when preparing the substrate edges.

• PUR hotmelts allow considerably tighter joints compared to EVA hotmelts. • Proceed very cautiously with thick PVC-edges in roll form due to deformation.

• Pay attention to a maximum roll pressure. Technical Properties

• Basis Polyurethane

• Specific gravity approx. 1,3 g/cm3

• Heating time 2 - 5 minutes

• Processing temp 130 - 150 °C

• Heat resistance up to +150 °C

• Cold resistance down to -30 °C

• Colour natural

• Viscosity (day of production) Brookfield HBTD 10 rpm:

at 120 °C: 160.000 ± 50.000 mPas

at 140 °C: 80.000 ± 20.000 mPas

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(6 Cartridges)

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