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MobilTemp SHC32 for Cosmec CNC Router Drill Spindles (MOBILTEMP-SHC32)
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Product Description

Mobiltemp SHC 32 is a high performance antiwear greases primarily intended for operation over a wide range of temperature. It combines the unique features of polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids with those of an organo-clay, non-soap thickener. The excellent resistance to thermal/oxidative degradation provided by the PAO base, coupled with the excellent high temperature structural stability and high dropping point of the clay thickener result in an outstanding high temperature grease. The wax-free nature of the synthetic base fluid and its high viscosity index also provide superior low temperature lubrication as well as excellent film protection at high temperatures.

Because the PAO base oil has low traction properties (compared to mineral oil), Mobiltemp SHC Series also offer the potential for energy savings through reduced friction and lower torque, and reduced temperatures in the load zone of rolling element bearings. Mobiltemp SHC 32 has a consistency between an NLGI 1 and a NLGI 2 grade grease with ISO VG 32 base oil.

Mobiltemp SHC 32 grease is used in numerous high temperature applications, as well as applications where low temperature start-up or running torque are important. It provides excellent grease life at high temperatures and the possibility for energy savings and extended relubrication periods.

Mobiltemp SHC 32 grease has become a product of choice for many users, in many industries worldwide. Its reputation is based on very wide application temperature range, and excellent overall performance.

Features and Benefits

Oils and greases bearing the Mobil SHC brand are recognised around the world for their innovation and outstanding performance. These PAO-based synthetic products, pioneered by ExxonMobil, symbolise our continuing commitment to using advanced technology to provide outstanding products.

Mobiltemp 32 is formulated with PAO synthetic base oils for exeptional thermal/oxidative stability and a special clay thickener to provide excellent structural stability and high dropping point. Mobiltemp SHC 32 grease offers the following benefits:


Advantages and Potential Benefits
Outstanding high and low temperature performance Reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs
Excellent resistance to oxidation and maintenance of grease structure at high temperatures Extended service life with longer intervals between relubrication
Low coefficient of traction Reduced energy consumption potential
Outstanding low temperature pumpability Easier low temperature start-up and lower running torque
Very good antiwear protection Extended bearing life, reduced unanticipated downtime


Mobiltemp SHC 32 grease offers excellent high temperature grease life, bearing protection and grease integrity along with excellent low temperature capability and good wear protection. Specific applications include:

  • Sealed or re-packable ball and roller bearings
  • Splines, screws and some enclosed gearing
  • Extreme temperature applications with a recommended operating temperature range of -50ºC to 180ºC (with appropriate relubrication intervals).
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