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Technomelt Dorus KS-351 Clear Glue Pellets, 55# Bag (KS351-CL)

KS 351 - Medium viscosity EVA hotmelt for automatic edgebanders, softforming equipment and automatic processing centers (BAZ). Unfilled adhesives insures minimal glue lines and are perfectly suited for contour applications. Higher yield than filled adhesives.

Product Properties
● Medium viscosity
● Universal hotmelt adhesive
● Very good thermal resistance
● Produces tight joints virtually not visible
● Very high heat resistance
● High glue mileage
● Very good wetting
● Permits smooth surfaces even with very flexible edging materials
● High final bond strength

Technical Data
Softening Point, Ring & Ball, °C ~110
Viscosity, Brookfield - 180 °C, mPa.s ~140,000
Viscosity, Brookfield - 200 °C, mPa.s ~75,000
Heat Resistance, °C ~90
Tested with 0.6 mm oak veneer using the Henkel method of increasing temperature

DIRECTIONS OF USE: Preliminary Statement
Prior to application it is necessary to read the Material Safety Data Sheet for information about precautionary measures and safety recommendations. Also, for chemical products exempt from compulsory labeling, the relevant precautions should always be observed. Please also refer to the local safety instructions and contact Henkel for analytical support.

*For use in Holz-Her machines you'll need to turn down the air pressure to 3 bar.  For use in glue pot machines you'll need to turn down the flow gate.  This is an unfilled product and requires less glue to adhear the edgebanding.

Instructions for Use: Working Temperature
Recommended working temperature:
in the melting container, °C 180 to 200
at the application roller, °C 190 to 200

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