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  Hebrock K33 Edgebander
Holz-Her Auriga 1303

To begin with, the K 33 edgebander comes with a pot interchange mount including an adhesive interchanger for PUR processing as standard as well as a handy support plate for processing edge material effectively. There is also an automatic central lubrication system which helps to keep the unit's trim saw and corner rounding unit in mint condition even in warm working conditions. Optional extras include an Airtronic system which helps to maintain good contact between the K 33's surface scraper and the item being processed.

Slightly larger, at approx 3,745 lbs, the K 36 is purpose-built for industrial levels of edge banding day and night. This particular Hebrock machine has all the power capability you might need with about 14 kW delivering a rapid feed rate of up to 10 metres per second. Easy to service and maintain, the K 36 has a visual display for workpiece sequencing that comes as standard. Optional features include a grooving saw unit and a useful top and bottom trimming system that allows users to double up their processes. Of the three machines in the K range, the K 36 is the middle-sized option, with an overall length of 5,540 mm.


Max. edge thickness 3 mm (optional up to 8 mm)
Min./Max. workpiece thickness 8 – 60 mm*
Min. workpiece length approx. 200 mm*
Min. workpiece width approx. 80 mm*
Feed speed 10 m / min.
Ready to operate approx. 6 min.
Power consumption ∅ approx. 13.5 kW
Electrical connection 400 V / 3 phase / 50 Hz
Machine dimensions 4,570 x 1,230 x 1,430 mm (L x W x H)
Weight approx. 1,350 kg


*Special dimensions on request
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PLC control with touch screen 10“
Pre-milling aggregate
Top-side fast-heating glue pot (maintenance-free)
Trim saw
Top/bottom trimming
2. top/bottom trimming
Corner rounding unit
Radius profile scraper
Multi-radius profile scraper
Surface scraper with dual-tracing
Buffer unit
Grooving saw unit
Airtronic ο
Visual display for workpiece sequence
Pneumatic roll cutting station (shears-type design, Altendorf system)
Automatic central lubrication (trim saw, corner rounding unit)
Cuttings collection box (trim saw)
Pot interchange mount including adhesive interchanger for PUR processing
Support plate for edge material
Conveyor chain with permanently attached special links
Double roller overhead pressure system (ball-bearing mounted)
Workpiece support (folds out to front)
• Basic configuration
ο Option
— not included
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