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  Hebrock F5 Edgebander
Holz-Her Auriga 1303

Like the F 4, it has a radial profile shaper but this is not an optional extra – it comes as standard with the F 5. Furthermore, it has a buffer unit – something that neither of the two other machines in the F series come with. As well as standard options - such as a trim saw for top and bottom trimming and a surface scraper – the F 5 edge machinery also offers substantial workpiece support.

This is the largest unit in the F series, weighing approximately 900 kilos and standing at 4.3 meters long. Like other machines in the Altendorf F series made by Hebrock, it is reliable, relatively easy to service and provides a speedy feed rate of up to 7 meters per minute. This is great news for any woodworking business in the US which has plenty of orders to press on with rapidly while still maintaining a policy of strict quality control.


Max. edge thickness 3 mm
Min./Max. workpiece thickness 8 – 50 mm
Min. workpiece length approx. 160 mm
Feed speed 7 m/min.
Ready to operate approx. 3.5 min.
Power consumption ∅ approx. 7.4 kW
Electrical connection 400 V/3 phase/50 Hz
Table height approx. 900 mm
Machine dimensions approx. 4,300 x 1,300 x 1,400 mm (LxWxH)
Weight approx. 900 kg
Exhaust connection ∅ 1 x 140 mm
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Options & feature packages
Workpiece support (folds out to front)
Pneumatic roll cutting station (shears-type design, Altendorf system)
Automatic central lubrication (trim saw, corner rounding unit)
Double roller overhead pressure system (ball-bearing mounted)
Conveyor chain with permanently attached special links
PLC control with touch screen (10“)
Pre-milling aggregate
Top-side fast-heating glue pot (maintenance-free)
Pot interchange mount including adhesive interchanger for PUR processing
Trim saw
Top/bottom trimming
Radius profile scraper
Multi-radius profile scraper ο
Corner rounding unit
Surface scraper with dual-tracing
Buffer unit
Support plate for edge material
Visual display for workpiece sequence
•  Standard
ο  Option
— not inlcuded
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