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What does equipment financing do for you?

  • Improves cash flow
    When you finance your equipment needs with Crest, your cash is not tied up in equipment. It is free for investments that will grow your business, produce income, and insure the equipment you acquire earns profits.
  • Preserves lines of credit
    How do you know what opportunities tomorrow holds? Leasing adds another source of credit, allowing you to preserve your established borrowing capacity with banks for other needs.
  • Hedges against inflation
    Your monthly payment remains the same over the term of the lease or loan. Dollars paid later in the term usually have less purchasing power than those paid at the beginning of the you pay for today's equipment needs with tomorrow's lower-value dollars.
  • Simplifies equipment changes
    Hiring additional workforce? Increasing efficiency? Additional equipment can easily be added to your existing loan or lease. Or, if you're trying to stay ahead of the competition by staying ahead of technologies, the equity in your financed equipment can be applied toward the loan or lease of new equipment. These options solve the problems of obsolescence and make your job easier.
  • Provides 100% financing
    Even "soft costs" such as training, shipping, installation, and maintenance agreements can usually be included. So you can rest easy knowing that these associated costs won't disrupt your cash flow.
  • Eliminates hidden charges
    With leasing, you have no compensating balances, no closing costs, and no blanket liens or other restrictive covenants that banks use to increase customers' cost. What you see is what you get.
  • Saves on taxes
    Depending on the type of lease you select, as much as 100% of your payments may be tax deductible.
  • Offers many payment programs
    You choose the type of loan or lease that best fits your needs, and you select the length of the loan or lease term.
  • Don't let cash flow restrict your business growth!

    As new opportunities arise, the need for additional equipment becomes urgent as businesses strive to move forward. Whether a small family enterprise or a multinational corporation, all companies share a common denominator-cash flow is the lifeblood of business. Even for a company with large cash reserves, financing equipment acquisitions makes business sense by matching cost to benefit. Cash flow becomes predictable and justifiable. Rather than tying up precious working capital or bank lines, smart businesses let the equipment benefits pay for the equipment...while their cash reserves and borrowing power work to fund their future success.

    When there is a lack of budget dollars for new equipment, everybody suffers.

    Budget problems are shared by both equipment vendors and the businesses who need the equipment. When budget dollars aren't available, purchases are often put on hold, stifling the progress of the company. The only people who benefit...are your competitors.  Equipment leasing is the solution.

    When a business chooses to finance, the cost of the equipment is spread over a multiple-year term keeping more working capital liquid to fund investments such as additional payroll or facility expansion. The business has the equipment when it is needed, rather than waiting until cash is on hand. And the equipment vendor benefits as well with a shorter sales cycle and 100 percent cash up front.

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